Cross-border tourism - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - The principle of visa-free travel to the Republic of Belarus

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The principle of visa-free travel to the Republic of Belarus

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Rules of visa-free travel to the Republic of Belarus to the tourist zone "Brest-Grodno" including the Biełowżska Puszcza National Park and the tourist and recreational park "Augustów Canal" and adjacent areas (including Grodno).

From November 11, 2019, the tourist zone "Brest-Grodno" can be visited without a visa for a period of 1 to 15 days.

1. Below are some basic information about going to the tourist zone"Brest-Grodno":

The tourist zone "Grodno" includes:

  • Park area "Augustów Canal"
  • Grodno city, Grodno region (in full).
  • Berestowicki District,
  • Wołkowyski District,
  • Werenowski District,
  • Lidzki District,
  • Szczuczynski District.

Tourist zone "Brest" includes:

  • The city of Brest,
  • Brest District,
  • Kamieniecki District,
  • Prużański District,
  • Żabinkowski District,
  • Swisłocki District,
  • area of ​​the Biełowieżska Puszcza National Park.
  1. I. Information about the trip to the tourist and recreational park "Augustów Canal" and adjacent areas including Grodno can be found on the website in Polish
  2. II.Information on traveling to the Brest tourist zone can be found at

2. Upon entering the territory of the Republic of Belarus, a tourist is required to present the documents necessary to cross the border:

- current passport (valid for a minimum of 3 months),

- a special document - confirmation (the so-called pass),

- an insurance policy (can be purchased together with the pass),

- in the case of travel by own means of transport (car, motorcycle) transport insurance Green card.

3. Tourists planning a trip to Belarus may:

  • use the agency of Polish travel agencies - members of LOT "Białowieża Forest Region" or other (please contact and agree on the procedure), including:
  • Biuro Podróży Junior sc from Białystok , ul. Stołeczna 25, tel. 85 744 43 26, e-mail: , comprehensive service for trips to Belarus, including visa-free travel,
  • prepare a special document - confirmation (the so-called pass) for visa-free travel and purchase insurance at the office of the Local Tourist Organization "Białowieża Forest Region" based in Hajnówka (ul. 3 Maja 45, e-mail: , tel. 85 682 43 81), please contact us and agree how to proceed;
  • use the services of the Belarusian tour operator, which can be found at and on the website

4. Tourists planning a trip to Belarus in visa-free travel should:

  • Not later than 48 hours until the planned trip, contact the above entities and order a trip.
  • The above entities should be:

- provide a copy (scan) of the passport,

- indicate the date of the planned stay,

- provide contact details (telephone, e-mail address) for return contact,

- pay for selected tourist services or a set of services as part of the trip (depending on the scope of services used - to be agreed with the above entities).

  • The tourist receives a special document - confirmation (the so-called pass), which should be presented at the border crossing.

5. We can cross the state border of the Republic of Belarus through the following border crossings:

  • to the zone around Grodno: Lesnaja (Rudawka), Bruzgi (Kuźnica Białostocka), Bobrowniki (Bierestowica); with the Republic of Lithuania at the border crossing Privalka (Švendubrė), Privalka (Raigardas).
  • to the tourist zone "Brest": road border crossing Terespol (Brest), Sławatycze (Domaczewo), Połowce (Pieszczatka); Terespol-Brest rail border crossing; walking and cycling border crossing Białowieża (Piererow); border crossing at the airport in Brest.

6. Tourists are obliged to have cash for each day of stay in the currency or in Belarusian rubles with the equivalent of not less than 2 base amounts (49 BYR).

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