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Open-air ethnographic museum "Sioło Budy" in Budy

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The open-air museum is a replica of a farmstead from the neighborhood of the Bialowieza Forest from the first half of the 19th century. He was transferred from the town of Dobrowoda in the Kleszczele commune.

The farm consists of: a hut, a pigsty, a barn, a well with a crane, and an original fence made of willow branches that used to be very common in these areas. The cottage from 1836 consists of an entrance hall, a large room and a bedroom. In the middle is a stove, as well as the only active wooden chimney preserved in Poland. From the beginning, the roof is covered with a straw thatched roof.

We invite you to visit the Skansen on weekends from 11:00 to 16:00, because during this time you will be guided by Mr. Włodzimierz Muśko, who has amazing knowledge and even runs a garden in front of the house.

If you would be interested in visiting the open-air museum at another time with a guide, please let us know.


Sioło Budy
Budy 41
17-230 Białowieża
608 400 272
608 477 288
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GPS: 52.73071111184,23.729010343377

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