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Białowieża Academy of Biodiversity

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We offer thematic educational and natural activities, conducted by the best lecturers - educators, educators and scientists. People with comprehensive knowledge not only about the Bialowieza Forest but also processes occurring in nature and its individual components. People who spent many hours in the area and fell in love with this one of the last natural forests in Europe - the Bialowieza Forest. The purpose of the expeditions is to focus on selected species inhabiting the Bialowieza Forest. To arouse interest in particular fragments of the forest, discovering the corners of the primeval forest. Expeditions have a very educational and cognitive character, are directed to people.


W_6_dni_dookoła Bialowieska Forest - means how not to get bored in the oldest forest

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Station Bialowieza Palace

Long long time ago, in the tsarist times, Bialowieza was decorated with a beautiful railway station. The railway station was built in 1897 for the needs of the tsar's residence in Russia, it was destroyed at the end of the 19th century. Today the station has returned - although the building looks like it used to be a bit different - the modern station is a place of family rest, natural education, sweet relaxation. In the Station there is an educational and recreational complex PARK OF KNOWLEDGE AND FUN - where exhibitions, educational events, cultural events and concerts are organized, cinema under the stars is displayed, and nature classes are conducted. Bialowieza Palace Station is primarily:

  • AVENUE OF STAR OF BIAŁOWIEKA FOREST. The only such Alley in Poland. You can meet here a lynx or a shrew, discover traces of living of many forest animals, check what a spruce beetle looks like or face a wild tree. The Avenue of Stars is an encouragement to observe the forest, to go deeper into the primeval forest and watch closely the surrounding nature.
  • RAILWAY RAMP with gallery. The newly built pavilion on the ramp, modeled on the Tsar's railway station (from 1897), constitutes an attractive exhibition space.
  • PLAYGROUND "PATHS OF NATURE". An original, natural playground on which the youngest, together with the guardians, learn about butterfly metamorphosis, life in the pond or leaf secrets. Great fun for all families and a large dose of knowledge in one.
  • THE SECRET GARDEN. At the foot of the Station, an English-style garden was established, in reference to the neighboring 19th-century Palace Park of the Bialowieza National Park. Among the more than a hundred species of plants, thousands of insects can be discovered, as well as hidden tracks of forest "stars".
  • WITH HISTORY IN THE  BACKGROUND - SUMMER BOOK ZONE (and deckchair). Solar place to rest, where comfortable loungers, overlooking the garden, you can delve into interesting reading on the history and Bialowieza Station.
  • HERBATER on RAMP. In the spring and summer season, we invite you for tea and coffee in the climatic "interiors" of the summer Tea Shop on the ramp.
  • THE EDUCATION AREA "TRAIN TO NATURE". A space where interesting nature workshops are conducted for children, families, school groups and individuals. We recommend a large selection of topics and active methods of education.
  • ZONE RETRO GAME. Do you remember the game in classes, caps? Here you can go back to childhood, forget about everyday life and jump into rubber or play cymbergaj.
  • GARDEN FOR BIODIVERSITY . Part of the garden in particular attractive to all creatures: rich in friendly weeds, fruit trees, with small hotel for insects, waterhole for birds - an example of how we can take care of biodiversity around us.


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17-230 Białowieża
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