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TRZEŚCIANKA – cerkiew p.w. Św. Michała Archanioła

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TRZEŚCIANKA - orthodox church of Saint. Michael Archangel, wooden, erected in 1864-1866.

The beginnings of the church in Trześcianka should be referred to the sixteenth century, but the place of location is difficult to determine, because the town itself was at that time in a slightly different place. The oldest document about the church is preserved from 1773 and speaks of a wooden church SS. Apostles Peter and Paul. In 1804, the Teutonic Orthodox church belonged to the Bialystok deanery, and the parish was the villages of Trześcianka, Soce, Białki, Saki, Ogrodniki and Iwanki. At the beginning of the 19th century, the parish had 873 faithful residing in 283 houses. At that time, the chapel in Hoźna belonged to the parish in Trześcianka.

In 1835 the church was burned, as a result of which, due to the lack of the church on 11 May, the parish was liquidated, and the faithful were moved to the neighboring parish in Puchły. It was not until 1864 that funds needed for the construction of a new temple, which was erected on the site of this burnt-out one. Consecration of the church Archangel Michael with a side altar in honor of the Nativity of Bogurodzica took place in 1867. However, in 1884, a stone field fence was built around the church. The parish in Trześcianka was restored in 1896, while the record books were kept there since 1885.

Trześcianka was an important educational center, and the beginnings of the "pictorial" school date back to 1850 founded by Fr. Grzegorz Sosnowski school in Stawok, where there were parish buildings. Later, a church-parish school was established with a teacher's course and a craft learning class. A worthy follower of propagating education was the son of the priest, priest. Flor Sosnowski, who in 1875 founded the church-parish library, which all parishioners could use. In 1887, it had about 6,000 position. In Cemetery, craft courses were organized in terms of church needs such as goldsmithing, varnishing, bricklaying, sculpturing and weaving. However, during World War I, the educational activity of the parish was interrupted,

After the First World War, the state authorities did not give permission for the existence of a full-time parish in Trzeczanka. The Stawok Festivities were leased, and school buildings in Trześcianka were handed over to the school. Only on February 22, 1928, as a result of long-term efforts, the state agreed to establish a full-time branch of the Narew parish in Trzescianka. The church and believers of the former parish in Puchły were also attached to the branch.

During the Second World War, an independent parish in Trześcianka was re-established, however the presbytery and the parish's residence remained in Stawki. According to Klirovoj Vedomosti from 1945, the number of parishioners was then 1311 people living in 321 houses. In April 1958, the parish in Trześcianka, which until now belonged to the Bialystok diocese, became part of the diocese of Warsaw and Bielsko-Biała and remains in it until the present day. In the 1970s, the presbytery and outbuildings in Stawok were finally liquidated, and in 1979 a parish house was built on a plot next to the church. Thus, the seat of the presbytery was located in the village of Trześcianka in the vicinity of the church, school and shop.

In 2014, the external renovation of the parish church was completed. The crosses with the domes were replaced, the roof was covered, the scale was cleaned, the window was renovated, the window carpentry was renovated and some of the foundations were replaced. During the renovation works, a stone was unveiled on the foundation, which revealed the date of the church's construction, which shows the year 1864. Thanks to the efforts of the parish priest and people of good will, a parking lot made of cobblestones at the parish church was built, which allowed safe parking of the cars by the faithful and tourists visiting Trześcianka.


Trześcianka 120
17-210 Trześcianka
+48 85 681 55 21
GPS: 52.939709553755,23.446991801175
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