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Narewka: Active Tourism Office "NES - TUR"

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The Active Tourism Office "NES-TUR" invites to canoeing trips along the rivers of Podlasie.

Conditions for participation in canoeing trips organized by BTA ,, NES-TUR "- general comments

Our offer is addressed primarily to novice canoeists, to people who would like to diversify and enrich their stay in the Bialowieza Forest region with experiences related to water tourism. Even though canoe trails on our rivers in Podlasie are easy to overcome also for "sea wolves" rather, "river wolves" will be useful for a bit of relaxation, tranquility and contact with nature. Absolute silence, just a splash of water, the view of grazing cows and horses at the riverside meadows, the richness of water vegetation and various species of birds will make us find ourselves in a different, "cool" reality.

Each trip is a unique event, it has its own specificity, which is why the final price / person depends on the amount and standard of the services we provide. That is why we calculate separately for each event, depending on the wishes of tourists. We can prepare rafting in 2 variants:

.variant tourist: accommodation in own tents, meals and access on your own, own camping equipment

"lux" variant: lodging in agritourism, catering at catering or catering premises, transfer of people and luggage, additional attractions and events

The rafting can be attended by people whose health condition makes it possible to do canoeing and the participation in the canoeing takes place on their own responsibility. Minors participate in the rafting under the supervision of adults who are responsible for their safety and behavior, and must have written permission from their parents to participate in the rafting. Everyone is swimming in their assault vests and they are obliged to comply with the Canoeaker's Decalogue.

Organizer : Active Tourism Office ,, NES-TUR ", www.turystykapodlasie.pl , tel. 608 444 536

The canoeing trail on the Narewka and Narew rivers is easy, uncomfortable and in places very picturesque, devoid of natural obstacles. Occasionally there are fallen trees on Narewka and in the lower reaches of the Narew there are weirs that require relocation. Both rivers are entirely lowland rivers. They are characterized by the lack of permanent accommodation base for the use of canoe tourism and camping sites with sanitary facilities.

River Narewka:

the beginning takes place in the Dziki Nikoru swamps at an altitude of 159 meters above sea level (currently in Belarus), it is the left tributary of the Narew River (in Poland 61.1km, in Belarus 21.7km). Almost entirely flows through the Białowieża Primeval Forest, joining with the Narew River in the Wilcze Gardło (137 meters above sea level). Tributaries: prawe- Złota, Orłówka, Hwożna, Braszcza and lewe- Kliczyniówka Łutownia, Przedzielna, Jelonka.

Narew River:

the beginning takes place on swamps called Eagles Mud (currently in Belarus) for high. 159 mnpm. It is the fifth longest river in Poland, the right tributary of the Vistula. Its length is 484 km, of which 448 km in Poland. The river in its upper course has maintained its natural character and strongly meanders, it forms a network of oxbow lakes and on the section Suraż - Rzędziany (Narew National Park) is an anastomosing or multifarious river. The biggest tributaries: right-bank - Kołonna, Rudnia, Czarna, Turośnianka, Czaplinianka, Horodnianka, Supraśl, Biebrza, Pisa, Rozoga, Omulew and left-bank - Narewka, Łoknica, Orlanka.

Supraśl (formerly Sprząślą) - is the right tributary of the Narew for debt. 93,8km. The beginning takes place in swamps north of the village of Topolany in Podlasie to high. 151 mnpm In the village of Złotoria, it flows into the Narew at a height of 135 meters above sea level. It flows through Gródek, Supraśl and Wasilków. The largest tributaries: Sokołda, Płoska, and Słoja. The Supraślą kayak trail is not too difficult, although a bit onerous. On the route you can meet obstacles in the form of wooden bridges, fences, accumulated plant remains and congestion from branches or fallen trees. Sometimes you have to take into account transports but this is an additional variation of the trail.

Bug - a river in eastern Poland, 772 km long (of which 587 km in Poland). The river has its source on the Podolska Upland in Ukraine, flows into the Zegrzyński Lagoon, and at the same time constitutes the left tributary of the Narew River. It is the fourth largest river in Poland. The Bug bed in Zosin is the easternmost place in Poland. The Bug is widely regarded as a dangerous river, due to the occurrence of the so-called "double bottom" and frequent river whirlpools dangerous for swimmers. Canoe trail Bug (recommended section Niemirów - Nur) is easy, free of obstacles, very picturesque. The river is quite wide, full of bends, meanders and oxbow lakes called bużyska. On some sections, the riverbed is shallow with numerous sandbanks, islands and sand striations. The banks of the river are often high and precipitous,

The Bug is one of the most beautiful rivers in Poland not only thanks to its natural values ​​- rich vegetation, diversity of habitats, numerous species of birds but also thanks to historical and cultural values: Mielnik, Drohiczyn, Zabuże, Korczew and in them "pearls of architecture".

Biebrza - the right tributary of the Narew for debt. 165 km and depths from 0.5 to several meters. Its sources take to the south of Nowy Dwór in Podlasie, it flows into the Narew about 3 km before Wizna. Through the Augustowski Channel, Biebrza connects with the Niemen River. Its old names - Biber, Bober, Bobrza, Beaver - show that it had to be a "beaver river". In the Biebrza Valley there is the largest swamp area in Poland - the so-called Biebrza Marshes. The Biebrza Valley and the Biebrza Basin are of great importance as a breeding ground for water-marsh birds. About 270 species of birds occur here, 180 breeding takes place on the Biebrza. Almost the entire Biebrza is located within the boundaries of the Biebrza National Park (about 155 km).

Biebrza is a "living river", creating new meanders, spring emerging from the banks and turning the meadows into an extensive lake.

The Biebrza River canoeing trail is about 146 km long. It is an easy, very picturesque trail with exceptional natural qualities. The river is free of obstacles and does not require relocation. Nevertheless, the banks of the river are hardly accessible from a canoe. Some rafting restrictions apply to the breeding season of birds and camping is possible on designated tent sites.

Biebrzę is characterized by the basin's asymmetry, the right-bank basin being more developed, which are: Niedźwiedzica, Lebiedzianka, Netta, Kopytkówka, Ełk and its tributaries: Jegrznia and Dybło, Klimaszewnica and Wissa. The left-bank tributaries are: Nurka, Sidra, Kamienna, Brzozówka, Krzeczówka, Biebła and Kosódka. The Biebrza River flows through Leipzig, Goniądz, Osowiec-Twierdza. It is a paradise for lovers of wild nature and peace.



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