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Swisłocz invites you!

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Svisloch - a historical town known since the mid-13th century, when, apart from the duchies of: Grodno, Nowogrodzki, and Wołkowyki, there existed a separate Swislock duchy. A special place in the history of Svislach is the first half of In the 19th century, when Count Wincenty Tyszkiewicz ruled it. He rebuilt the city, created a market square in the center of the town, where famous fairs were held. Here, merchants from 6 countries and over 60 cities in Russia and Europe rode. The Tyszkiewicz theater and the zoological garden were operating in Swisłoczy, in which animals living in the Bialowieza Forest were exhibited.

Slave Swisłoczy was brought by the gymnasium, founded in 1806 by Count Wincenty Tyszkiewicz. His graduates are such important people in the history, science and literature of Poland as: Konstanty Kalinowski, Romuald Traugutt - leaders of the January Uprising (1863-1864); Józef Kowalewski - creator of knowledge about Mongolia, author of the Mongolian-Russian-French dictionary and many linguistic, historical and literary studies; Napoleon Orda - cartoonist, musician; Józef Kraszewski - writer, publicist, historian. The gymnasium building has been preserved until today and together with other buildings is the hospital headquarters.

At the entrance to the city from afar you can see a powerful monument "Hero" in honor of residents of the land of Swisłock, killed in the fight against the Nazi invaders during World War II. In Svislach there is also a city park, founded in the nineteenth century, a monument of garden art. In Svislach we can see the avenue of monuments: a mass grave of soldiers-liberators; busts of: Konstanty Kalinowski, Romuald Traugutt, and Joseph Stalin. It is worth visiting the Museum of History and Local Lore.

What can we see in Svislach and the surrounding area (information in Russian):

Folwark "U Rysia"(village Korewicze 16):
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pdfPrzygody u Rysia Żywa tradycja j.polski.pdf 
pdfMap of trips for children j.polski.pdf

Ethnographic trail "From home to home":

  • Hotel Complex Żarkowszczyzna - quiet small village of Żarkowszczyzna is surrounded on all sides by forests. In the eighteenth century, the place where now is the court of the general- lieutenant of Polish troops, senator, former owner of the village of Tadeusz Tyszkiewicz, was called a piece of paradise. In 1754, the Count of Swisłoczy, including a forest suburban cottage, became the Count, General of Lithuanian Army, Kazimierz Tyszkiewicz. He was a great lover of hunting. In his times, a game was built, hunters 'and rangers' settlements, dog breeders and beaters. Currently, hunters who come to the Bialowieza Forest from other countries are willing to stop in this building. A two-story, blue-painted wooden house, renovated and converted into a hotel.
  • Village of Rudnia. Private museum "Museum of one house" - exhibitions of the museum will tell about the life of the inhabitants of Western Belarus from the first half of the twentieth century. Among the most valuable exhibits are: a collection of engravings of a well-known pre-war author and illustrator of publications about the nature and life of the Białowieża Forest of Antoni Kamiński, as well as portraits of famous people who visited Rudnia. Among others, portraits of generals of Russian and French army who carried out their army through Rudnia in the autumn of 1812. In addition, the museum stores sightseeing materials collected by the collaborators of the regional library, as well as information publications.
  •  Village of Cichowola. The exhibition "From the grandmother's chest" - an exhibition with elements of the game will allow you to join the folk rites of Western Belarus. Additionally, you can view the exhibition and buy souvenirs made by hand.
  • Village of Grinki "Fashion from a commode" - the exhibition presents collections of women's and men's clothing, footwear, headgear, bags, accessories, cosmetics, everyday objects, especially characteristic of the Soviet era. And most importantly, young people have the opportunity to learn about the childhood times of their grandparents and parents, and the older generation to remember the young years. In addition, there are workshops for the production of own souvenirs as well as the exhibition and sale of craft products and handmade souvenirs.
  • The city of Swisłocz. District House of Crafts - the house aims at rebirth and propagation of folk and artistic handicrafts as well as craftsmanship, support of the craftsmen of the region. Co-workers run schools and workshops, lectures, tours, as well as various party programs. Collections of old everyday objects and ethnographic tours are being replenished and extended all the time. A map of the handicrafts of the Swicłocki region was created along with a list of masters. While visiting the exhibition at the Craft House, you can not only touch the ethnographic heritage, but also buy a great souvenir.
  • Village Nowy Dwór. Interactive program "Elements of the rite, Nowy Sącz Wedding" - the Belarusian village wedding has always prided itself on the greatest beauty, celebration and diversity. The name itself already speaks of the characteristics of the wedding. The Belarusian word "яселе" means "fun" and indeed, the old wedding rite presents a great fun, deep and much different from today's entertainment offered by the industry. Old traditions still live in villages far away from urbanized cities. When you come to Nowy Dwór, you will have the opportunity to find out. In addition, there are workshops with belt straps.
  • The village of Kornadź. "Museum in a Suitcase" - in the form of a poem, the visiting exhibition of the Towel museum will introduce you to the species of towels that accompanied the inhabitants of Svisloczy from birth to death. Here are also collected towels, which our ancestors used in everyday life: a half-parameter "wipes" of canvas or servos, decorated with a modest lace; sewn from two canvases which were used in the kitchen or were worn with them for dinner in a field; "Hopes" that covered bath tubs with cake or were used to greet with bread and salt; "Devouring" decorated icons in red corners; and towels "opydzienniki" were woven together by village women, and hung on wooden crosses, which as an amulet were at the entrance to the village.
  • Small Town Porozowo - has long been famous for its history and folk traditions. During the interesting interactive program, the youngest museum of the Swisłocki region - the "Museum of clay and fire" - was also planned. The museum exhibition presents ceramic choices from the beginning of the 19th century, stories and memories of older masters, films about the production of clay products. A model of an earth furnace was exhibited, with the help of which unique ceramic products were made.

TROPHY - BIRD'S RALLY June 2, 2019:

Trophy club "Bialowieza Żubr" invites all lovers of off-road and extreme sports for the annual "Trophy-rally ŻUBRY".

"Trophy-ŻUBRY rally" is an orienteering rally according to legend, maps, and GPS. The competition is amateurish and takes place with strict adherence to the rules of the road. A car with all-wheel drive is required to participate. The competition in this form takes place in the Swisłocki region since 2010, but on the ground of Porozovskaya enthusiasts of extreme sports and offroads are meeting for the fourth year.

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Catering facilities:

Calendar of events for 2019 cultural institutions of the Swietochowski district:

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