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The rules of visa traffic to the Republic of Belarus

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Documents necessary for obtaining a visa regardless of the purpose of your stay:

- the visa application form completed and signed in person by the applicant . The application form should be filled in on the website of the Embassy of Belarus and printed (in an exceptional case fill in Latin letters, one pen);

- the photo should be 35 x 45 mm. on a uniform bright background, prominent, clear, without shades and discoloration, 70-80% of the photo in a vertical arrangement should occupy the face, not older than 6 months(type: passport photo);

- passport.

The passport should contain the signature and be valid for at least 3 months after the visa is valid and it must contain clean pages (at least 2);

- the consular fee for processing the visa application is based on a receipt issued by the consular office. Payment is made at  Millennium branch on the day of submitting the visa application in the amount set in accordance with the current tariff of consular fees ;

health insurance .

- if the applicant is a minor, copies of the passport pages of the parents are required, including personal data with a photograph ;

 When applying for a visa, foreigners who are former citizens of the Republic of Belarus are obliged to submit copies of the certificate of resignation from citizenship of the Republic of Belarus .

Documents necessary to obtain a visa must be submitted WITH PRINCIPLE no earlier than 3 months before the planned trip.

The Consular Department does not accept documents sent to the Consulate by fax or e-mail. 

The fee must be paid exclusively to Millennium Bank. If you pay via another bank, a commission may be charged. In this case, the applicant must pay the missing amount. Consideration of the applicant's documents will only start after the full amount has been credited to the Embassy's account.

Time of processing visa application:

In normal mode - up to 5 business days *

In express mode - within 48 hours *

 * - The visa application processing time may be extended by the consul

 When collecting a visa, you must show payment confirmation!


1. To obtain a single or double business visa, private with a validity period of up to 30 days:

application from a Belarusian company on a company letter (in the case of a business visa) - at the consul's request;

invitation from the inviting person, settled by the citizenship and migration office (original) or photocopying of the inviting passport (in the case of a private visa) - at the request of the consul. 

2. In order to receive a single tourist visa:

providing a Belarusian tourist company ;


- in the case of a trip for up to ten days, sub-invoice the hotel's reservation on the company's letterhead. We do not accept booking confirmations from online systems, e.g., and others.

3. In order to obtain a single, two or multiple transit visa:

 - a valid visa to the destination country and its photocopy ( transit visa may be issued to a foreigner who has the right to enter the country of destination.) A transit visa is issued for a period of stay no longer than 2 days from the date of entry into Belarus) ;

- a copy of the air (rail) ticket or insurance; 

- application from the company (for drivers).

4. In order to obtain a private SHORT-TERM PRISON (ON 3 MONTHS) or long-term multiple border crossing:

- invitation from the inviting person, settled by the citizenship and migration office (original).

5. In order to receive a SERVICE SHORT-TERM VISA (ON 3 MONTHS) multiple border crossing:

application from the Belarusian company on the company's letterhead .

6. In order to obtain a long-term visa, multiple crossings of the driver's border:

 - letter on the company letter addressed to the Consular Department of the Embassy with a request for issuing annual visas for multiple border crossing for the company's drivers "..." according to the attached list (name and surname);


- photocopying license.

7. In order to receive a long-term SERVICE visa, multiple border crossings:

- an application (original) from a Belarusian company on the company's letter addressed to the Consular Department of the Embassy;

- a copy of the contract (contract or agreement on cooperation) between companies certified by a Belarusian legal entity or foreign company;

- a document confirming the fact of a foreigner's work in a company that has entered into a contract with a Belarusian legal person issued on a company print from a foreign company and signed by its managing person (original).

The consul may request additional documents confirming the data contained in the visa application and invite the visa applicant for an interview in order to provide additional explanations.

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