Bike trails - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - "To the village in the valley of the Narew" Doratynka - Klejniki - Lady - Kuraszewo (blue, 23.5 km)

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"To the village in the valley of the Narew" Doratynka - Klejniki - Lady - Kuraszewo (blue, 23.5 km)

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Cycling tourist routes: To the village in the Narew valley. Doratynka - Klejniki - Lady - Kuraszewo (blue, 23,5 km)  

An interesting trail that brings together architectural, historical and cultural monuments. Traveling through picturesque villages, embedded in the landscape of fields and forests, one can get the impression that time has freed itself from the shackles of a mad mode - its peaceful course is marked by the lazy current of the Łoknica river and wind strings that set forests in motion. The trail leads through charming towns that fully reflect the cultural color of the region. In the village of Klejniki we can see sacred buildings: a modern church. Ascension of the Lord (built in 1974-1988) and her subordinate church cemetery. Transfiguration of the Lord from the 1930s and see what life in the former Podlasie village looked like when visiting the regional chamber. Going further, we will reach the village of Lady, near which stands a tiny chapel with a wonderful spring surrounded by sacrificial crosses.

GPX do pobrania: Do wsi w dolinie Narwi. Doratynka – Klejniki – Lady – Kuraszewo (niebieski, 23, 5 km) 

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