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Bachmaty Lake in Dubicze Cerkiewne

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The Bachmaty Lake in Dubicze Cerkiewne is a great place for a summer holiday. The shores of the lake in the place of the bathing area are covered by a sandy beach.

Recreation at the Bachmaty Lake can be enriched by renting water equipment:

  • kayaks,
  • water bikes,
  • boats.

At the Bachmaty reservoir there is an accommodation facility with camping house. The resort also allows you to pitch tents. The surroundings of the reservoir are mainly forests, allowing for many opportunities to spend time, such as mushroom picking, walking.

The Bachmaty Reservoir is also a good place for fishing. The reservoir is stocked annually with many species of fish. The area of ​​the lake is over 5 ha, which allows anglers and amateurs to take part in bathing and active recreation by the water.

The Bachmaty Lake in Dubicze Cerkiewne is an ideal place for a weekend break, because it allows for many opportunities to organize your time. When you come here, you will not be forced to lie on the beach and swim in the water. There are also swimming equipment and places for anglers.


ul. Osiedle Bachmaty 2
17-204 Dubicze Cerkiewne
85 685 20 45
606 769 992
GPS: 52.640524452054,23.443258523766
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