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Chatka Baby Jagi

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Not behind seven mountains or forests, but on the edge of the Białowieża Forest there is a Baba Yaga cottage. It's real and you can see it with your own eyes.

You probably remember the story about HANSEL AND GRETEL? Yes, that's where their adventures took place! The place is exceptional. No matter how old you are, you become a child. Again, you can do things you have not allowed yourself for a long time. Everything is allowed here. The authenticity of this place means that not only children but also parents, grandparents, aunts ... all who will come here move the wonderful world of the fairy tale. Emotions that this cottage causes, causes that children talk about this magical place for weeks. The whole trip to Białowieża is associated with the hut of Baba Yaga. You have our guarantee that they will remember longer than the bison.

ATTENTION! If you have a camera, take it necessarily for animation. In the middle of the cottage there is semi-darkness and photos from cheaper phone models come out dark. We put pictures on facebook so that all friends envy us with wonderful photos and good fun.

Chatka Baba Yaga is located on the edge of the Bialowieza Forest, on one of the colonies of the village of Orzeszkowo, where the devil says goodnight. This place is also beautiful views of the still wild forest. 

If you are tired of passing tourists on the tourist routes in Białowieża, we invite you to a place where you can rest literally from everyone and everything. Silence, wealth for the eyes and spirit will surprise you in this place. 

We also recommend a unique place in your architecture and climate - Uroczysko Sosnówka

Nearly 8 km from this place there are wild overgrown ponds - Topiło. A walk in this place causes the time to stop. Such Podlasie magic of staying in these places makes us return rested and full of energy.

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Orzeszkowo 98a
17-200 Hajnówka
600 493 666
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GPS: 52.676925250612,23.566065788182

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