Hiking trails - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - Czeremcha: „Do źródeł Nurca” Trail (blue, 9,7 km)

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Czeremcha: „Do źródeł Nurca” Trail (blue, 9,7 km)

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The 9.7 km blue walking path „Do źródeł Nurca” begins at GOK at the junction of the trails; Green Velo, red bicycle, and the "Kahanka" and "Harala" paths. Its purpose is to show the source section of the Nurzec River in the form of a walk with Nordic walking poles or a bike ride.

The path runs initially south along 1 May Street together with bicycle routes and the "Kahanka" path. Then it turns left at the railway crossing and then right at Lipowa Street with the green bike trail, passing the Railway Museum on the right. At the next railway crossing, it turns left to Stawiszcz, and the green bike trail and the "Kahanka" path go straight. Further on, the path runs through the village of Stawiszcze next to the village club and the milk basin. At the end of the village, it turns left and after 0.2 km passes through the source section of the Nurzec River. Then, after about 1.5 km, it comes to the cemetery and church near Wólka Terechowska and turns left at the crossroads. It continues along the asphalt road together with the red bicycle trail and after about 0.7 km turns right. About 2.0 km leads along a dirt road along the Nurca Valley, passing through a culvert on the Nurzec River tributary, wrongly considered as a source section of the Nurca on a map on a scale of 1: 25,000. Although it is longer than the previously passed section of the source river, but dries up in summer due to lack of water. So it is not the length of the river that determines its rank, but the amount of water it leads, an example of which can be shorter than the Bug Narew as the main river. Further on, the path enters the forest passing the road from Kuzawa to the forester's lodge. In the village of Kuzawa, the path connects to the red bike trail and Green Velo leading through the village. At the main crossroads, the path turns left near the church and joins the "Harala" path, and the bicycle routes turn right. Then it crosses the bridge of the Nurzec River again and twice across the railway tracks. Behind the tracks, it turns left onto Dubois Street, meeting the path of "Harala." It runs past the depot and the water tower, passing two agritourism farms along the way. At the church, it turns left and ends at GOK on  1 May Street.

GPX do pobrania: Ścieżka spacerowa „Do źródeł Nurca” (niebieski, 9,7 km) 

GPS to download: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map/map--117788

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