Hiking trails - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - Czeremcha: „Kahanka” Trail (green, 8,8 km)

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Czeremcha: „Kahanka” Trail (green, 8,8 km)

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The 8.8 km-long "Kahanka" walking path leads in the form of a loop through the southwestern part of Czeremcha and through forest areas around the marshes with names; "Kahanka" and "Dziadówka".

The path starts at GOK and runs north turning left behind the church. In 1957, a Roman Catholic parish was established in Czeremsza and the construction of the present church. Our Lady Queen of Poland was completed in 1958. Next, the path leads to Plac Trzech Krzyży, turns into Sosnowa Street along with the Green Velo trail and then into the forest. After about 1.5 km, it crosses the national road and turns left near the cemetery with the church. After about 0.7 km, it crosses the Green Velo trail on a gravel road and continues through forests. After traveling about 1.0 km from the path, the forest road separating to the left separates the marshes "Kahanka" and "Dziadówka". After 0.5 km the path runs along the causeway separating the marshes; "Dziadówka" and "Kruhłe". Then it turns left and then right into the tunnel under the railway track. After the tunnel, turn left along the forest road along the railway tracks to Czeremcha. Along the way, it approaches a gravel road with a green bike trail and then crosses a national road. He enters Czeremcha via Boczna Street next to the railroad crossing and then runs parallel to the tracks. In Czeremcha, turn left onto Fabryczna Street and then in Lipowa Street, leading together with the path "Do źródeł Nurca" and the green bike trail. Then it turns left through the railway crossing and then right into ul. 1 May. The path ends like all at GOK, where there is a node of tourist routes.

GPS to download: https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map/map--117970

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