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Białowieża Forest District

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The Białowieża Forest District belongs to the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Białystok. The total area of ​​the forestry land is 12592,7100 ha.

The legal basis for determining the territorial scope of the superintendence is:

  • Regulation No. 45 of the Head of the State Forests Department of November 1, 1972 regarding the liquidation and changes in the territorial range of forest districts.
  • Regulation No. 123 of the Minister of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry of 19.09.1994 on the determination of the territorial scope of activities of forest inspectorates included in the RDSF in Bialystok.

The Białowieża Forest District is located in the south-eastern part of the Podlasie Voivodeship, in the Hajnowski poviat, in the Białowieża commune. Table 1 shows the area occupied by forestry superintendences in individual administrative divisions. 
The Forest District consists of two rims: Białowieża - divided into three forestry and Zwierzyniec - divided into three forestry. 
The headquarters of the forest inspectorate is located in Białowieża at Wojciechówka 4 (branch 452B of Białowieża). Location and distances from state administration offices and institutions of economic importance for the Białowieża Forest Inspectorate are as follows:

  • Regional Directorate of State Forests in Białystok - 85 km,
  • Voivodship Office in Białystok - 83 km,
  • Marshal's Office in Białystok - 85 km,
  • Poviat Eldership in Hajnówka - 20 km,
  • Commune Office in Białowieża - 2km,
  • Post Office in Białowieża - 2km,
  • the nearest railway station in Hajnówka - 22 km,
  • the nearest bus stop - next to the headquarters.

From the north, the Białowieża Forest District borders the Browsk Forest District, the Białowieża National Park from the east, Belarus from the south, and the Hajnówka District from the west.

Educational offer:

The Białowieża Forest District invites you to free educational activities throughout the year. Classes are directed to both children and young people, as well as students and adults - to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge about the forest and its inhabitants. The subject matter of the classes is adapted to the age of the recipients and their interests. Topics and duration of classes are determined individually with the group's supervisor.

Sample topics of educational activities:

  • forest functions,
  • tracking animals in the forest,
  • recognition of domestic bird species,
  • forest floor construction,
  • recognition of national species of trees and shrubs,
  • forms and methods of nature protection,
  • protected species of plants and animals.

The Białowieża Forest District carries out various educational activities: educational activities at the Forest Education Center "Jagiellońskie" and in the field, talks conducted in kindergartens and schools, periodic educational and art classes organized in the "Jagiellonian" OEL or photographic openings. Classes are held by prior arrangement between the group's guardian and an employee of the Forest Inspectorate of Białowieża dealing with forest education:

Łukasz Ławrysz - SL Specialist for Forest Education  - tel. 720 861 220

Mateusz Nakielski - SL Specialist for Forest Education - tel. 576 812 410

Please refer to the applicable rules and to fill out a statement and deliver them to the Bialowieza Forest District offices no later than the day of class.

Individual tourists are invited to download the Obieżylas mobile guide , available on Android ™ devices , on educational paths: "Żubr Ribs" and "Royal Oaks Trail". At the Jagiellonian Forest Education Center, information about tourism and forestry is provided.

See also: Educational facilities




Ośrodek Edukacji Leśnej "Jagiellońskie"
Podolany II
17-230 Białowieża

Białowieża Forest District
ul. Wojciechówka 4
17-230 Białowieża
Ośrodek Edukacji Leśnej "Jagiellońskie":
tel. +48 85 68 12 971,
+48 720 861 220

Białowieża Forest District:
tel. +48 85 681 24 05
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GPS: 52.674957447793,23.859580278222

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