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Hajnówka Forest District

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The Hajnówka Forest District is located in the north-eastern part of Poland in the forest massif of the Białowieża Primeval Forest.

From the east to the west, the forest stretches for a length of about 23 km, from north to south for a length of about 37 km. The Hajnówka Forest District manages the central and south-western part of the Forest. 
The Bialowieza Forest is divided by the state border. The eastern part, about 670 square kilometers, is located in Belarus. The western part, about 580 square kilometers, is located in Poland. 
The area of ​​land managed by the Hajnówka Forest District is 19654.06 ha. It consists of three forest areas: Hajnówka, Leśna and Starzyna. Administratively, the forests of the forest inspectorate are located in the south-eastern part
Podlasie voivodship in the Hajnowski poviat, in the communes: Hajnówka and Dubicze Cerkiewne. It is divided into 10 forest areas. The headquarters of the forest inspectorate is located in Hajnówka, at branch 329Dx, y of Hajnówka. 
Location and distances from state administration offices and institutions relevant for the Hajnówka Forest District are as follows:

  • Regional Directorate of State Forests in Białystok - 64 km,
  • Voivodship Office in Białystok - 62 km,
  • Office of the Marshal of the Podlasie Voivodeship in Białystok - 65 km,
  • Poviat Eldership in Hajnówka - 1 km,
  • Town and Commune Office in Hajnówka - 1 km,
  • Municipal Office in Dubicze Cerkiewne - 16 km,
  • Post Office in Hajnówka - 1 km.

The Hajnówka Forest District borders the following districts: Bielsk, Browsk and Białowieża.

Educational offer:

Educational facilities of the Forest District:

The educational chamber in the forestry building , is equipped with multimedia equipment, boards, relief installations, allows conducting classes or shows for a group of up to 40 people. 
The multimedia room in the forestry building is equipped with multimedia equipment, tables and chairs allowing to conduct classes, workshops or shows for groups of up to 45 people. 
Educational point at the headquarters of the forest inspectorate , consisting of three exhibition halls presenting issues related to forestry, hunting, the history of Hajnówka and forest queues.

Educational paths:

"Puszczańskie Drzew " - located around the forest ponds on the Perebel River in the Topiło settlement The loop path has been marked out over a distance of 4 km and there are 14 stops, including 12 tables located on the main species of trees and shrubs characteristic of the Białowieża Primeval Forest. also a mini open-air museum of the narrow-gauge railway and an ecumenical shrine. 
"The trail of the eaglet" - located in the vicinity of the Topiło settlement. Established as part of the project "Protection of the lesser spotted eagle in selected Natura 2000 areas"
It is located in a place that allows to present the environment necessary for the development of the lesser spotted eagle population in the Bialowieza Forest and its methods of food acquisition. Ten stops provide the opportunity to learn the relationship between the eagle and man over the centuries. The boards were provided with interesting pictograms encouraging to learn the secrets of the eagle and the Forest.


Nadleśnictwo Hajnówka
ul. Kolejki Leśne 12
17-200 Hajnówka
tel. 85 683 23 78
fax. 85 683 24 60
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GPS: 52.736116259695,23.604233980004

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