Nature Education - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - Educational Pavilion in the European Bison Show Reserve

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Educational Pavilion in the European Bison Show Reserve

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Education Pavilion next to the European Bison Show Reserve

The main attraction is an interactive educational room with 12 stands, where the main theme is none other than the bison - the symbol of the Białowieża Forest. Using multimedia presentations we will get to know a whole lot of bison facts - there is a bit about history, restitution, ecology, the role of bison in the environment and biology. Touching interactive boards launches spectacular presentations of a given issue. Especially inserting is a multimedia stand that allows you to "feel like a bison" - by moving we put in motion the bison, entering its skin. An amazing impression! The use of technology will allow you to not only deepen your knowledge, but above all, to spend time in an interesting way. All exhibitions are easy to use, additionally educational games and a playground are waiting for the youngest.

Apart from having fun, in the pavilion you will find everything that a tourist will need at any given moment - there is tourist information, souvenir cash machine, vending machines for the exhibition reserve (end of queues!), Cinema for nearly 50 seats and a leisure area with a minibuffet (vending machine with coffee, tea, cold drinks, sweet snacks).

If you're curious about the difference between bison and buffalo, in which places in the world you can meet him, what is the role of the bison in the environment and learn to recognize your bison from the lady, you must visit the Pavilion. The entrance is free. Visiting hours:

* from April 16 to October 15 from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; 
* from October 16 to April 15 from Tuesday to Sunday, between 8:00 and 16:00.


The pavilion can be used by individual tourists and groups.


17-230 Białowieża
before Białowieża, 3 km turn left
85 681 23 98
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GPS: 52.705424053875,23.7977828976

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