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Areas with no access to the forest

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Due to the threat to public safety related to the occurrence of a significant number of dead trees in the area of ​​the forest inspectorate, in some areas a ban on forest entry was introduced.

Materials to download:

Ordinance on the introduction of a temporary ban on access to the forest:

pdfZarzadzenie-nr-10-Nadlesniczej-Nadlesnictwa-Bialowieza-z-dnia-31.03.2020.pdf 211.98 KB

pdfZarzadzenie-nr-42-2019.pdf 52.35 KB

Information on the ban on entering the forest in 2020: 

Forest District Hajnówka -

Forest District Białowieża -

Hajnówka Forest Inspectorate  (map of the prohibited entrance area):

jpghajnowka-Map-forests-covered-with-periodic-prohibition-wstepu.jpg 13.44 MB

Białowieża Forest Inspectorate  (map of the prohibited entry area):

 pdfbialowieza-Map-of-forests-covered-by-periodic-ban-admission.pdf 662.46 KB

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