Nordic Walking Trails - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - Nordic Walking Park Narewka - Siemiankowszczyzna (green) 8,2 km

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Nordic Walking Park Narewka - Siemiankowszczyzna (green) 8,2 km

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An interesting route, intended for both beginners as well as experienced walkers. The entrance to the route was located on the teritory of the Centre of Ecological Education in Siemianówka. We set off in the direction of seen in the distance embankment of the Siemianówka Lake. We get across the channel and before the embankment we turn right. After 1,3 km we go from over the embankment and get to a pulse measurement point. We enter the forest and go past single buildings then we reach a forest clearing where there is a rest shed and an about fifteen-metre high wooden observation tower. We set off further and after entering a asphalt road we go past a place name board. It is Siemiankowszczyzna. We go across two crossroads in the place Borowe, turn right going by travel road through agricultural areas. After about 1,05 km we turn right into unfrequented roadway which will lead us to the settlement Siemianówka and there we walk further along Lipowa street till the crossroads with Szkolna street. We turn left and after 30 m we get to the Centre of Ecological Education and fasten the loop.

Walking time: approx. 1.20 hours

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