Religious buildings - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - STARY KORNIN – cerkiew parafialna p.w. Michała Archanioła i św. Anny

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STARY KORNIN – cerkiew parafialna p.w. Michała Archanioła i św. Anny

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STARY KORNIN - parish church of Saint Archangel Michael, wooden, built before 1893.

Orthodox parish of Saint. Michael the Archangel and Saint. Anna in Stary Konin was founded in 1631, and eight years later adopted the Brest union. The construction of the first church lasted from 7.XI.1630 to 25.VIII.1631. In 1709, a miraculous revelation of the icon of the Mother of God took place, which made the church become a well-known sanctuary in Podlasie. Another parish church was consecrated in 1733 pw. St. Michael. In 1839, as a result of the cancellation of the Union of Brest, the parish returned to the Orthodox Church. Orthodox church. St. Anna was built in 1892 from wood left from the demolished belfry. It was to serve parishioners as a temporary temple during the construction of the neighboring parish church. In 1903, the Orthodox church. St. Anne was renovated and consecrated. After the First World War, the parish in Stary Konin was liquidated and the faithful were joined to the parish in Dubicze Cerkiewne. The reactivation of the Stary Kornin parish took place in 1940. Devotions in the church. St. Anne takes place sporadically, mainly on the occasion of the patron's feast.


Stary Kornin 23
17-204 Dubicze Cerkiewne
+48 85 685 30 65
GPS: 52.706106626471,23.447314023797
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