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NAREW – cerkiew p.w. Podwyższenia Krzyża Świętego

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NAREW - the Orthodox church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, erected in the years 1881-1885.

The history of the parish in Narew dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. In 1529, the church in Narew was founded, but the preserved sources do not allow to clearly determine the founder of the temple. The first reference to the existence of the Ruthenian church in Narew at Bielska street appeared in the registry of the spear measurement from 1560. The first preserved description of the church comes from 1772. According to Klirovoj Vedomosti from 1846, the church and presbytery were built on one square, and the number of the faithful in the parish was 2,244 people in 282 houses. In 1847, the number of the faithful was 2,284, and the parish church was in the Bielany deanery of the diocese of Lithuania and Vilnius.

In 1882, a new wooden church was built, which was dedicated on May 9, 1885 - this temple is presently the parish church in Narew. In 1901, the church in Narew was in the diocese of Grodno, and the number of parishioners in 1905 was 3098 people. In 1913, a stone fence with an entrance gate was erected around the parish church. During World War I, the number of the faithful of the parish of Narew was reduced, as the local population evacuated deep into Russia during the war. In the inter-war period, the church in Narew was granted the status of a full-time parish, whose clergyman surrounded neighboring parishes.

After the Second World War, a large number of the faithful went to the Soviet Union again, and the church in the Narew was part of the diocese of Warsaw and Bielsko-Biała, and in the 1960s to the deanery of Narew. In 1985, the painful blow to the parish in Narew was the mysterious death of her parish priest, Fr. Prot. Piotr Popławski, who managed the parish since 1968.

On 12 April 1990, the parish of Narewska reached another huge tragedy. On Holy Thursday during the reading of the 12th Gospel, a fire broke out which consumed the entire interior of the temple in Narew. The faithful gathered in the temple tried to save what they could from the flames, but most of the temple's equipment was burnt. One of the parishioners even gave up his life trying to save the zaprestolnyj cross, which he did not manage to take away.

The rebuilding of the destroyed church was led by the then parish priest, Fr. Teodor Weremiejuk, and then from 1991, Fr. Basil Roszczenko. All parishioners participated actively in the reconstruction of the church. By joint effort, the church was renovated, the entire interior of the temple was restored, including the new iconostasis and new icons. On September 25, 1994, the renewed Orthodox church was consecrated by Metropolitan Bazyli. In the same year, a stylized well for the consecration of water was built within the property on which the parish temple is located.

At the end of the twentieth century, the land of Narew gave birth to five Orthodox bishops: from the village of Cisy - Metropolitan Basil, from the village of Odrynitsa - Archbishop Jeremiah, and from the Narew - Archbishop of Abel. Archbishop Jakub was born in Narew, while the mother of Archbishop Miron came from the village of Kaczały belonging to the parish of Narew.


ul. Bielska 9
17-210 Narew
+48 85 681 60 45
GPS: 52.91242179693,23.517856120889
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