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Miodosytnia Podlaska

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The less you do every day, honey, you love me, "wrote Adam Mickiewicz in Pan Tadeusz. It is not right to disagree with the national bard, especially that mead - a noble liquor, beloved by the Piasts, is still tempting with aroma and taste. But for honey it is only for the one from the Bialowieza Forest! In the foreground of the Bison Land, in Saki you can find a real treasure of nature - Podlasie Drinking Honey. Prepared according to old recipes, from the gifts of nature. Tempting a bouquet of flavors, extremely aromatic. It's the perfect gift! Also memories of summer, forest adventures with a glass of honey will taste much better ... Welcome to the Miodosytnia in Sakaki. 

Podlaski Potable Honey is created in an organic farm in which there is currently the only mead production plant in Podlasie. Meads from Miodosytnia Podlaska are produced according to centuries-old traditions and recipes made of natural honey and fruit juices. You will be tempted by the original taste, proven recipes - in the Białowieża Forest region, old Polish traditions are extremely good! Convince yourself.

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Saki 50
17-250 Kleszczele
694 239 960
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GPS: 52.626736495105,23.329500317486

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