Our cheese - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - Cheese from the Bialowieza Forest

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Cheese from the Bialowieza Forest

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Our Serowarnia "Cheese from Bialowieza Forest" is located in Hajnówka in the province Podlasie on the edge of the only natural forest in Europe! The Bialowieza Forest is a special area characterized by exceptional biodiversity and is governed by the eternal laws of nature unchanged by humans. All this means that products from our region are healthy, tasty and natural.

The cheeses are made of fresh cow's milk straight from milking. We add to them natural and vegetarian rennet, cheese dairy, special strains of lactic bacteria and organic herbs. The cheeses do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. They are made by hand without the use of machines. We offer a wide range of acid-rennet (soft) cheeses, semi-ripened cheeses and hard matured cheeses. The cheeses have a natural edible peel. All cheeses are vacuum-packed, weight according to customer wishes.

Semi-hard cheese ripening (minimum 30 days) with the addition of: (price: PLN 5.50 / 100g)

- fenugreek (nutty flavor)

- walnut

- pumpkin seeds

- caraway

- orange and coriander peels

- black cumin

- green and red pepper

- blends of herbs: Brushetta (tomato, garlic, oregano, basil, celery, onion, sea salt),

- herb blends: green spicy (onion, parsley, garlic, curry, white pepper, oregano, sea salt)

- bear garlic

Ripening cheese (minimum 30 days) (price PLN 5 / 100g):

- Morbier type - according to the recipe from the 17th century, French cheese with food ash

- Cotswold type - according to a recipe from the 16th century, with garlic

- Kefalotiri type - Greek cheese, hard, more salty

- Kornik Białowieski - Swiss-type cheese with holes, slightly salted

- Butterkäse type (i.e. buttery)

SMOKED CHEESE "Pupaski" (price PLN 6 / 100g):

- smoked cheese of the scamorza type 


- feta type (price PLN 4 / 100g)

- Haloumi type for frying and grilling with mint - price 4 PLN / 100g

- fresh without additives (price PLN 3 / 100g)

- fresh with toppings (price 3.50 PLN / 100g) - additives to choose from: black cumin,

dried tomato, bear's garlic, fenugreek, green or black olive

- Sonata (acid-rennet cheese) crushed: bruschetta, bear's garlic and Italian spice (optional) (price: PLN 5)

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ul. St. Lema 2 (wcześniej A. Ludowej 2)
17-200 Hajnówka
668 425 827
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GPS: 52.728261683581,23.589502930554

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