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„Polana Żubra” in Pogorzelce

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"Polana Żubra - a place of relaxation and healthy meals"

Polana Żubra Restaurant invites all gourmets to healthy, regional cuisine. Served dishes are prepared according to original recipes, fresh and natural products - "embellished with a note of cordiality. Friendly service, cozy interior, smelling of delicious dishes, make us feel at home here. Hospitable hosts will treat their hikers with their own prepared dishes - here we have the opportunity to try a delicious brownioup soup, potato cake with young potatoes, traditional bigos, tasty fresh fruit, and for dessert - Housewife's cakes, whose main ingredient is kindness. Hunting dishes are also served on the table- exquisite venison stew and wild boar dumplings are so delicious that once you have tried it - you will want more. Every gourmet can also count on a jar of hand-made preserves - the hosts offer cucumbers, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, marinated mushrooms, dried mushrooms and preserves prepared according to grandma's recipes. The inconspicuous jar hides what is most beautiful in the region - the smell of the forest, the palette of colors and flavors, the devotion of the man cultivating the land.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the Bialowieza Forest. It is a real clearing of a bison - you can see the fence of the forest and listen to the sounds of the forest . Those eager for contact with nature can go for a bike ride (there is a possibility to rent equipment) or on foot. Forest birds are accompanied by birdsong, good wind brings refreshment. And in the evening, full of excitement, we can sit in front of the fireplace and enjoy the magic of the Bialowieza Forest or play around the campfire under the primeval forest. The focal place is equipped with a roofed and illuminated shed, thanks to which a cheerful break will not hurt the weather breakdown.
"Polana Żubra" hidden among the Bialowieza Forest creates a unique atmosphere - the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant makes it also a great place for a date and a family dinner at any time of the year (the restaurant is equipped with a play area for children, the object is open all year) . 
We recommend!

Place of relaxation:

  • Hall with a fireplace for 60 people,
  • Children's Corner,
  • Covered and illuminated shed (60 seats),
  • A campfire place,
  • In summer, outdoor tables,
  • The immediate vicinity of the Bialowieza Forest,
  • The possibility of bird and animal observation, the inhabitants of the forest,
  • Green parking lot,
  • Bicycle Rental,
  • Promotional materials of the region and souvenirs.

Healthy meals:

  • Our specialty is regional cuisine (appetizing soup, dumplings with mushrooms, babka ziemniaczana, bigos, fresh bread, Housewife's cookies),
  • Hunting dishes (goulash, wild boar dumplings),
  • We prepare dishes from fresh, organic products,
  • We have our own garden,
  • We sell homemade preserves (cucumbers, cabbage, beets, marinated mushrooms, dried mushrooms, jams).


  • Scrambled eggs from rural eggs on a butter,
  • Chopped pork dried own product,
  • White cheese with chives from our garden,
  • Regional butter,
  • Homemade jam,
  • Vegetables from our garden,
  • Bialowieza bread,
  • Coffee or tea,
  • Housewife's cookies.

Price: PLN 29 / person


 Super offer Culinary Journey in Podlasie land of flavors in Polana Żubra in Pogorzelcach - offer of workshops for groups

We serve guests in the following languages: Polish, English, Russian

Our facility is open all year round.


Pogorzelce 47A
17-230 Białowieża
607 531 995
723 044 614
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GPS: 52.723219456474,23.802620887582

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