Car trails - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - Carski Szlak ("Carski Hostineć") (unmarked 35 km)

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Carski Szlak ("Carski Hostineć") (unmarked 35 km)

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Route: Studziwody - Bielsk Podlaski - Widowo - Łączki - Łoknica - Podrzeczany - Czyże - Osówka - Kojły - Nowe Berezowo - Czyżyki - Hajnówka.    

 "Tsar Trail" is a route that Russian tsars, princes and aristocrats traveled through Bielsk Podlaski to Białowieża. It is remarkable due to cultural and historical monuments that testify to the rich past of these areas. One of the most interesting places is the early Medieval Cemetery of Hrabniak with tumuli and grave stone carvings dated to X-XII cent. Halfway between Czyże and Zbucz, turn into a country road leading to a forest a few hundred meters away. Going towards the cemetery, we will come across a cluster of crosses (the oldest from the 19th century) and a stone with a engraved inscription and a date indicating 1834. Also the trail shows the beauty of Podlasie sacred and residential architecture.

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