Our cheese - Puszcza Białowieska - Zwolnij Naturalnie - Tsar's cheese from Hajnówka

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Tsar's cheese from Hajnówka

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Carski's cheese was the winner of the Podlasie Brand of the Year 2012

An extremely important element in the production of this cheese is the method of its care in the process of maturation. The surface of the skin is coated with polyvinyl acetate, which is applied to the cheese several times to form 3-4 layers. This coating protects the skin against mold and excessive drying. Under such a protected cheese surface, all chemical and microbiological processes occurring in its flesh proceed in a harmonious manner and as a result a very desirable, subtle, full and characteristic taste of the Dutch long-winding cheese is obtained. 
The appearance of eyelet in the form of regular, round and slightly oval meshes is also influenced by the gradation of temperatures during its maturation and compliance with the sequence of their raising and lowering.

CARSKI cheese should mature for a minimum of three months to fully achieve the intended organoleptic and physical characteristics. Each piece of cheese before distribution is wrapped in HDPE film, which adheres closely to its surface and protects it against mechanical damage during transport. For trade, cheese is sold in blocks of about 4.0 kg and a packet of 300g. 
Perfect as a groove for wine or beer.

Producer: District Dairy Cooperative,

17-200 Hajnówka,

ul.Warszawska 108,

tel. 85 682 95 40,

www.osmhajnowka.pl ,

Sklep OSM, ul. Stefan Batorego 1, Hajnówka.


Sklep Firmowy OSM,
ul. Stefana Batorego 1
17-200 Hajnówka
85 682 95 40
GPS: 52.740192415275,23.586793899449
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