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Restaurant Carska in Białowieża

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Restaurant Carska in Białowieża - history of the region recorded in the kitchen

The restaurant is located in the historic building of the "Bialowieza Towarowa" railway station built in 1903 for Tsar Nicholas II. The character and interior design, which consists of original furniture from that period, refer to the tsarist times. Today, this unique object of wooden architecture attracts both gourmets of Polish-Russian cuisine as well as lovers of the Forest and the spirit of architecture of the late nineteenth century. Next to the restaurant, in the historic water tower, there are two-bed apartments and a Russian banya or a traditional sauna. In the train station standing on the track there are also luxury cars stylized for tsarist salons. Each of them is an independent double apartment with the possibility of an extra bed.

The restaurant is divided into four rooms: 'Myśliwska', 'Portretowa', 'For Lovers' and a representative 'Main' room, in total 60 places. Our specialty is dishes of Polish and Russian cuisine. From 2014, our guests have access to a historic restaurant car from 1936 designed in Ferdynand Porsche. It accommodates 48 people and is available for group bookings from the beginning of May to the end of September. We also offer accommodation in three 2-person apartments and four-to-three passenger carriages with a unique atmosphere, as well as two two-room apartments in the House of the Dróżnik.

We offer you an unforgettable, nostalgic journey back to the early 20th century. In the historic water tower of the former railway station there are two two-storey apartments, and in the building housing a banya (Russian sauna) - the third. The attraction for the connoisseurs are four luxury salons, which together with the historic steam engine form the train, which Nicholas II came to Białowieża for hunting and relaxation. Each of the wagons is an all-year independent apartment. The restored House of the Dróżnik from the beginning of the last century is a novelty. In total, we have 28 beds. All rooms are decorated with stylish furniture, lamps, paintings and photographs from the tsarist period.



it is an indispensable element of every household associated with the Eastern tradition. It is decorated in a rustic style and furnished with traditional Podlasie furniture.

It is available only for the convenience and comfort of hotel guests. Reservations must be made at least 6 hours in advance.


On the former Bialowieza Towarowa station, you could see the spectacle of the Białystok Drama Theater "Dinner for four hands" directed by Ewa Marcinkówna. The table is joined by the heroes of the play, two composers - Jan Sebastian Bach and Jerzy Fryderyk Händel. On the plates - among other things oysters and lobsters appear in the text of the drama. The meeting of two geniuses never really happened, it was possible only in the play of Paul Barz, a German musicologist. Bach (Piotr Dąbrowski) is a poor man, modest, focused on music. Händel (Tadeusz Sokołowski) is a well-paid guest of the salons, but jealous of Bach's talent. When the masters sit down to the sumptuous supper that Händel gave in honor of Bach, the viewers are also given.


outdoor feasts with wild boar, bonfire, live music

carriage rides, sleigh rides

intimate weddings and occasional parties

parties for companies

New Year's parties

we provide bicycles


Stacja Towarowa
ul. Towarowa 4
17-230 Białowieża
+48 602 243 228
+48 85 681 21 19
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GPS: 52.690320216674,23.873559951608

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